Welcome to West Village Veterinary Hospital!


Veterinarians & Staff at West Village Veterinary Hospital

At the West Village Veterinary Hospital (WVVH) our veterinarians and professional staff make all the difference to your pets’ health care. Everyone with whom you and your pet come into contact is dedicated to providing compassionate care and skilled services.

  • Experienced Veterinarians - At West Village Veterinary Hospital, you will find internship-trained veterinarians who have experience in busy urban animal hospitals. Internship-trained veterinarians are a select group of doctors who have completed highly sought after postgraduate internships at major training hospitals and have demonstrated academic and clinical excellence.
  • Specialists in Internal Medicine – West Village Veterinary Hospital is one of a few New York City animal hospitals that has board-certified specialists in veterinary internal medicine and cardiology. This specialized level of knowledge and experience allows us to provide expert diagnosis of organ diseases in dogs and cats, and prescribe advanced medical and nursing care.
  • Concerned Understanding – WVVH’s veterinarians take into consideration all the factors that can affect pet health, including exercise, diet, travel, preexisting disease, grooming, and the presence of other animals in the household.
  • Licensed technicians and assistants and a friendly, helpful staff support our veterinary professionals.

21 South End Ave.
New York, NY 10280

5 Lispenard St.
New York, NY 10013

80 Beekman Street
New York, NY 10038

75 8th Ave.
New York, NY 10014